A Storm Rages...

There is this innate need to do more, to be more, than what I believe I am capable of. I have decided to go for it, to take the advice of countless friends and confidants and be more than I believe I can be. So I am putting this out into the Universe, I am driving toward finishing this work of fiction come hell or high water. I will find a mentor and I will continue to write until my fingers fall off.



Is perception really everything?

How we perceive something paints our reality, but what if we took a few moments to dig deeper? There is so much more than what lies on the surface. Didn't your Mother ever tell you not to "judge a book by its cover?" 

I find that this same concept also applies to the art of storytelling. There is so much more work to do on a character than just surface value. The importance of outlining is everything, but it's also OK to really dig deep with a character. You should know your characters like family before you put them on paper, that way you can write in their voice and behave the way THEY would not how YOU would.

That's my two cents for the day.


Shame, shame...

As you can clearly see, I didn't write in the blog yesterday, so 30 lashings for me!

Not exactly, but you get the gist. I did, however, write new work on insta, so that's a plus. I plan on writing something, at least ONE THING per day, every day until I publish that damn novel. Then, I will start all over again. 

I find that it's important to force yourself to find motivation, even when you feel low. I know it's hard, sometimes impossible, but once you accomplish even one tiny thing on your list, you feel immensely better.

Now I'm off to write a new piece or two.



A little bit of happiness...

If there is one thing I can take away from the last two weeks, it's the little things that count. People don't always realize how even the smallest gesture can be taken away and thought about for months after it happens. 

I am finding so much inspiration where I didn't see it before, and it's a beautiful thing. 

Took the time to write a little something today, it's up on insta for everyone to read. I know I tend to pull toward the darker side of things, but I'm going to try to channel more beauty into my work, especially in poetry.

Lift people up, you never know how much it could mean.


Something wicked this way comes...

A few years back I started developing a horror/suspense novel idea. I wrote a few short stories surrounding the two main characters, but then I just let it fester in the back of the proverbial closet with all the other damn skeletons.

Until today...

I am digging through content and letting it resurface, focusing on perhaps merging some short story ideas together. Here's a little taste for now while I jump into outline mode:

"There is always something off-putting about the land of suburbia. Everything is all too quaint with freshly paved streets and lush flower beds. Shop windows are so clear you could almost reach through them, merchandise is soldier straight. Everyone is warm and welcoming; a hello can be found in even the darkest corners. It is here, in the center of restaurants with top health grades and Sunday church, that the wicked hide in plain sight. Behind white-toothed smiles, and warm hugs are homicidal maps and adulterous to-do lists. It is here that it's wisest to remember that beauty is skin deep. Don’t you dare cut deeper, you’ll let the monsters out."


In like a lion, out like a lamb...

It's taken me years to finally get to this point, and hopeless failed attempts on multiple websites and hosting channels. My original dream was to get published, and I achieved that in 2017, but dreams aren't meant to die they are meant to be fostered and nourished into something so much bigger than the original seed that was planted.

I have recently been listening to this amazing motivational book by Jen Sincero called "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life." It has been, for lack of better words, life changing in a week's time. I find that there was a wealth of positive vibes buried beneath my constant self-doubt and now I am committed to living in the damn moment.

Moving ahead, I am writing here every day, developing my novel, positing new work, and listening to every positive thing each and every one of you has to say. 

Let's lift each other up and make some freakin' magic happen!